The sun was shining and the weather was unseasonably perfect for Daniel and Maci's wedding day. This was one of the many blessings! It was wonderful to watch their family and friends come together to help make their day so special, and there was no doubt about how much love was surrounding this sweet couple. From the venue to the decorations to the catering, this wedding was a community of friends and family who came together for these two.

The happiness of these two came through in Maci's tears and Daniel's quiet smiles. The way they looked at each other and sang to each other during the first dance really showed how much love they share and how they just enjoy being together. Their future together is going to be full!

I appreciate so much being a part of your day, Daniel and Maci! Getting know you has been fun and watching you and your family and friends celebrate the two of you was a privilege!

Congratulations to you both!