Where It Began...

So it started with that Sears manual camera that had belonged to my Great Grandpa Dungey. The one I found in an old green canvas tote bag. Completely manual. Nothing automatic on it. So, of course, it was film only and an expensive hobby for a teacher not too far into her career. But I loved that camera and burned through rolls of 35mm film. My sister and my nephews were never safe from me. I was taking a lot of pictures, mostly without any real idea of what I was doing. (Even though I kind of thought I did, Oh boy...) Like that first roll of black negatives because I had no idea how the flash worked. *sigh*. But, I was determined enough to learn, and I have totes full of pictures that I look back on now and realize how much I still had to learn. So, so much to learn, LOL! Some of those photos were definitely less than great. Some down right cringe worthy... I didn't really notice though, because I was so excited about learning to adjust the buttons and dials that I was proud of that work. I was learning. It was my start.

and... It Continued

Eventually, I had to move on from that old Sears manual, and I had a couple of different cameras. It wasn't until the digital SLR came into play that I could really dive into taking pictures. (Ewww! That makes me sound old!) I did my research and bought my first "baby"! My Canon Rebel T1i. It was a sweet little camera, and I shot everything with it! This was when I could really practice because, hey... no film! I was still learning as I went, but I was getting better and learning more all the time. I was amazed when my sister trusted me to take senior pictures for her kids. All of them over the course of a few years. I was also shooting for a few other people as word got out. I loved it!

and... Where I Am Now

I am still working to develop my dream, although I have come long way from where I started by being impressed in my lack of knowledge. I finally got smart enough to find some online classes, to figure out how I wanted to shoot and have practiced it. I am, of course, still teaching seventh grade English. It has been a rewarding career, and I love my students! But, I am ready now to really begin a second career. I want to grow this dream, and I am slowly gaining traction. I have shot more senior pictures, was excited to shoot a couple of weddings, and still continue to make a pest of myself and my camera at any family functions. I continue to learn and grow as a photographer every time I shoot. It brings my so much joy to give my clients a wonderful experience and pictures they can be excited about and love. My dream is a work in progress, and I am loving bringing it to life.