The sun decided to shine bright for Andrea and Johnathan's wedding day on a beautiful family farm! It was a privilege for me to be there to capture their day.

More than once I heard how when these two met, they were "just friends", but it was evident to everyone where things were headed. It wasn't difficult to see and feel the happiness and love that these two share, not just with each other, but with also with their family and friends. You could feel the joy all through the day.

The wedding took place under a gorgeous chestnut tree in full bloom. One that has stood for decades and is a wonderful symbol for the strength and determination to grow that any good marriage requires. After getting to know them a bit and seeing how well they worked together to create a beautiful wedding, I know that Andrea and Johnathan share these qualities and are on their way to a wonderful, amazing, and loving life together!

Best Wishes &Congratulations!