The Huskies!

My sister, Stephanie, has raised puppies on and off for the last few years. She started out with husky puppies and they are the cutest things! Who wouldn't want to take pictures of all that cuteness! Of course, the smaller they are the easier it was to take pictures of them. Bonus... Puppy snuggles!

The Daisy Dogs...

Then there were the puppies from her two smaller dogs. They were so tiny they fit right in the palm of your hand.

The Cuteness Continues!

The puppies just get cuter and cuter, and I just love it when I get to aim my camera at these cuties!

The Last Litter

All good things come to and end, and so it is with puppies! My sister knew the fourth litter of daisy dog puppies was the last. So, we got extra creative with the photos of these little ones. The pictures were so cute I could barely stand it. I am sad these are the last little ones to shoot. They were also the sweetest to snuggle! Notice her chihuahua Archie had to get in on the act as well!